The Perfect Solution!

Over the years i’ve tried again & again to give up but i always ended up back on the butts!  I’m now smoke free thanks to this Apollo electronic cigarette!

It comes in 3 parts: – a battery, an atomizer / element and a filter or tip,

it works by drawing (taking a drag) on the cig while holding the button in. This heats the element & turns the liquid-soaked wadding in the tip into vapour.

It is LEGAL to smoke anywhere because it DOES NOT contain any tobacco or produce any smoke! This means there is NO passive smoking for those around you. The liquid does however contain nicotine which is why it works so well, rather than putting a patch on your arm or chewing that horrible gum, with this e-cig you just give yourself the nicotine whenever the craving gets to you, but your also getting the throat hit as well just like smoking, so it really is the perfect solution!

Mirage, the website selling this e-cig can be found here but if you add the extras that comes with my kits it would take the price to well over £50 with postage.


2 x Batteries : 2 x Atomizers : 5 x Tobacco Cartridges : 1x USB Charger : Plus Extras :- 1 x bottle of E-liquid worth £6.99 : 1 x mains adaptor worth £1.99 : another 5 x pre-soaked cartridges worth £4.99 : all this for only £37.00! (or add £3 for 1st class recorded delivery) This kit is the equivalent to smoking 20 a day for at least 3 months!

*Product Contains Nicotine You MUST Be 18 Or Over To Purchase*

You can buy with confidence using Paypal at   state ‘menthol’ on your order otherwise tobacco flavour will be sent out. Or get in touch with me direct using the ‘Contact’ tab at the top of this page to collect in person.

A short you-tube clip showing how much vapour the Apollo produces as well as how to refill & use this e-cig can be found here

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